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Registry Reviver

Scans your Windows Registry for problems and fixes them for optimum performance
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A “dead” Windows Registry would probably render your operating system totally unusable, and “reviving” it would surely involve a complete Windows reinstallation. What Registry Reviver is actually offering you is an excellent tool to help you avoid your Windows Registry from dying a miserable death. It scans your Registry in search of all kinds of errors and of broken and obsolete entries and fixes them to put your Registry back to its pristine condition.

App paths, user shell folders, fonts, help files, startup items, uninstall entries, shared DLLs, file associations, program shortcuts, and Com/Active X objects can produce inconsistencies between the software programs installed on your system and the data about them stored in the Registry. Eventually, these issues may lead to slowness and OS instability, resulting in unexpected performance errors. Registry Reviver has been designed to help you not only to fix quickly and efficiently whatever errors your Registry may have today, but also to check and clean it periodically in order to keep it working smoothly at all times.

The program has clearly been designed with the novice user in mind. Its wizard-like interface has divided the entire process in three clearly numbered options – Scan, Results, and Repair. All you have to do is go from one option to the next, follow the instructions, and click on the appropriate buttons until the process has been completed. The Scan tab offers you the possibility of unchecking those elements of the Registry you want the scan process to ignore – if in doubt, just leave all the boxes checked to have a better picture of your Registry’s overall health. You can always decide what to fix or not to fix on the next tab.

The Results tab will display a thorough report of all the errors found during the scan, all neatly organized by type. Here you will see how many errors Registry Reviver has detected for each section and their impact (low, medium, or high) on your system’s performance. By default, all boxes are checked, so the program will repair all issues as soon as you click on the “Fix All” option unless you decide otherwise. The third and last step, Repair, will let you fix any errors remaining from the latest scan and will inform you about the number of issues solved per area.

The program comes with three useful extra tools that will help you keep your Registry fit as a fiddle at all times – a Startup Manager, a Registry Optimizer, and a Schedule option. The Startup Manager will let you decide on what items among those that appear in the Registry as apps that have to be launched at Windows startup are actually that necessary. The Registry Optimizer is a Registry defragging tool designed to improve your system’s performance, while Schedule will let you tell Registry Reviver when and how often you want it to check for Registry errors automatically.

Registry Reviver will not bring your Registry back to life if the worst happens, but it will surely help you to keep it healthy and working smoothly to prevent further damage to your operating system.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-like simple interface
  • Quick and thorough Registry scan
  • Registry optimization tools
  • Allows you to schedule periodical scans
  • Includes a startup manager


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