Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver 1.3.26

Very complete software tool that deeply scans and repairs our registry
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Registry Reviver is a Windows Registry Scanner that allows us to explore our system’s registry and search for unsuspected errors that may cause serious performance problems in our computer, like slowness or even the complete internal failure of our system. Afterwards, this powerful software tool proceeds to completely repair and clean the registry, leaving it like new.

This program has a very friendly and intuitive interface, which makes the task of scanning and cleaning our registry even easier. It makes a really deep scan, finding many more hidden errors than other similar programs do. It has also a very original and useful feature, called “reverse repair”, which allows us to undo the changes made by the last cleaning and recover any lost key or value.

The program is fully configurable as well. In its “Settings” section we can change many options, including the automatic start of the program, the auto-repairing of found errors, if we want it to close itself after executing its cleaning tasks, and the possibility of creating ignore lists. We can also make periodic updates, in order to keep the program always fresh.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Deeply scans the system registry
  • Allows you to undo the applied changes
  • Fully configurable


  • Allows only 25 registry cleanings before asking to buy the program
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